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Why should I get a Tusass Business mobile subscription?

Tusass Business mobile subscription is for those who want more freedom in their mobile consumption.

You will also enjoy the following benefits:

1. Unlimited calls and texts.

2. Far cheaper mobile data.

3. "Tusass Abroad" and all its benefits.

What do I do if I lose my SIM-card?

If you lose your SIM-card for your Tusass Business mobile subscription, you must go to the Tusass store and get a replacement card, free of charge.

However, if you believe your SIM-card is stolen, you can have your SIM-card blocked by contacting your nearest Tusass store, by calling Tusass Business at +299 80 80 90 or by calling the Customer Service Desk at +299 80 80 80.

Which SIM-cards are applicable for Tusass Business subscriptions?

All SIM-cards from Tusass are applicable for Tusass Businss Mobile subscriptions, except for SIM-cards for mobile broadband.

Where can I use unlimited calls and texts?

Unlimited talks and texts applies to all mobile and landline numbers in Greenland and within the "Tusass Abroad" zone. Check to see if your subscription includes "Tusass Abroad".

Will my PIN and PUK codes change when I switch to Tusass?

No, your PIN and PUK codes will not change.

How can I make my mobile number secret?

You can change the settings on your smartphone in order to make your phone number secret.

Which data speed is applicable in Greenland?

Mobile data speed is dependent on the mobile technology available at the location you are situated at.

Who can get a Danish phone number?

You can get a Danish phone number with Tusass mobile. You need to change to Tusass mobile if you have a prepaid SIM card, or if you have one of our old phone contracts (e.g. mobile Mikisoq or Angisooq)

For how long can I have the Danish phone number?

You will have the Danish phone number for as long as you have a Tusass mobile subscription. You will lose access to the Danish phone number if you change over to a prepaid SIM card.

How much is the Danish phone number?

You will not pay extra for the Danish phone number if you have a Tusass mobile subscription. You will neither pay for phone calls or text messages that you receive from Danish phone numbers.

Which services will I be able to use with my Danish phone number?

You can use all services that require Danish phone numbers. You can for instance use MobilePay in Denmark or Greenland, when you place an order on Danish websites, or when you need to use Danish parking apps in Denmark.

I have some issues with a Danish service – who do I contact?

You need to contact the provider of the Danish service shown on your phone


Thank you for your inquiry. You will be contacted by one of our business counselors within 2-3 workdays.


You will be contacted by one of our business counselors.