Tusass sponsors projects and activities that create value for Greenland and promote the use of information and communication technology.

Tusass' sponsorship support consists of us making our products and services available. Conversely, this means that Tusass does not support projects financially with, for example, cash.

Typically, Tusas Sponsors Activities That Meet the Following Criteria

  • The activities benefit the entire Greenlandic community and at the same time relate to Tusass´ core services.

  • The project contains values that Tusass´ can identify with and that are in line with Tusass´'s strategy.

  • There are similarities between the project´s target group and Tusass´ target group.

  • The sponsor´s application contains a plan for how Tusass will be exposed as a sponsor.

  • The sponsor needs to recognize the sponsorship agreement as a business agreement.

Tusass Supports Projects in the Following Four Areas

Development of Information and Communication Technology

For limited periods, Tusass can provide support for pilot projects that develop new information and communication technology. Please note that Tusass does not provide sponsorship support to continue and run the projects subsequently.


Every year, Tusass also provides safety communication technology for national events such as the Arctic Circle Race.

Tusass also sponsors sports in Greenland in general through a permanent agreement with Elite Sport Greenland. As a general rule, it is therefore Elite Sport Greenland that you must contact if you want to get a share in Tusass´ support for sporting events.

See more at Elite Sport Greenland's website


Tusass supports cultural development in Greenland through a permanent agreement with Katuaq. Katuaq is Greenland's culture house based in Nuuk. The institution also arranges theater and music tours to other cities in Greenland.

Learn more about Katuaq's work for Greenlandic culture on their website

Social Projects

Every year, Tusass donates money to a number of NGOs in the social field.

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