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What is a subscription?

A subscription is an agreement for a continuous supply of a product or service for a given period.

Once the subscription is paid, the consumption can be initiated.

The subscription is paid back monthly and paid with an invoice.

The subscription agreement can be terminated at any time.

- The deadline for cancellation is no later than the 20th of a month if the termination is to apply from the next month. If the cancellation is reported after the deadline of the 20th has been canceled, the next month's subscription is paid and the cancellation is postponed to the month after.

How do I terminate my Tusass Business internet?

By contacting the nearest Tusass store or Tusass Business Sales Department by phone at +299 80 80 90. Tusass Business internet will cease at the end of the month if you cancel no later than 20th of the month. You will pay for an extra month if you cancel after the 20th of the month.


Thank you for your inquiry. You will be contacted by one of our business counselors within 2-3 workdays.


You will be contacted by one of our business counselors.