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Frequently Asked Questions

My package appears in Track & Trace as "Freight terminal - en route", what does that mean?

This means that the package has arrived at a freight terminal and the package in the carrier's freight terminal. Urgent shipments, letter post and passengers are prioritized before parcels on aircraft, which may mean that transport of the parcel is postponed by the carrier.

Why can't I pick up a package when it says "Arrived - not ready to pick up" on the Track & Trace page?

This is because Tusass must prepare the shipment for delivery. It can be customs control or preparation to place the shipment on a parcel shelf or in a delivery machine.

How can I get in touch with my local Tusass store?

You can see addresses and opening hours at all Tusass stores here. Otherwise you can write to or call 341255.

Can you do Track & Trace on a DHL Express package?

Yes! You can do Track & Trace here on Tusass' website. DHL Express packages can be tracked on the shipment's piece ID (JD ....), which can be found by tracking the shipment's 10-digit number on Use this 'JD' number when tracking on A J + consignment JD number must be added (Example: JJD0100000 ...). The 10-digit number can be used in some cases, but Tusass first scans the JJD number when sending from Copenhagen.

DHL Express packages can also be followed on, but the Track & Trace information about Greenland is not physical scans, but information that is inserted on DHL's website without the package having been scanned. It is therefore recommended to use Tusass' website.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my letter or package?

You can contact your local Tusass store or send an email to

Customs Rules for Parcels and Letters Sent from Greenland to Denmark

Items shipped from Greenland to Denmark from the following shippers (non-private packages):

       I.          a company or private person in Greenland that sends goods to a company in Denmark.

       II.         a company in Greenland that sends goods to a private recipient in Denmark.

Here, VAT and taxes must be paid on import to Denmark. It is the recipient in Denmark who must pay these import costs when buying a product in a country outside the EU, including Greenland.

Value of item:                              What to pay for:

DKK 0 - 1,150                             VAT and import fee must be paid

More than DKK 1,150                 VAT, import fee or customs duties must be paid

VAT is 25%. It is calculated on the basis of the value of the goods, the postage and the customs duty. There are different rates of duty, depending on the product category in question. Danish Customs can provide information on customs duties.

An invoice or pro forma invoice must always be included for these shipments.

Items sent from a private sender in Greenland to a private recipient in Denmark:

Value of item:                              What to pay for:

DKK 0– 360.                                No tax or VAT

DKK 360– 1,150.                         VAT on the value of the item / gift + an import fee

More than DKK 1,150.                25% VAT on the value of the item / gift + an import fee + duty 2.5%

Import fee is p.t. DKK 160 at PostNord Danmark. It is important that private senders in Greenland who send to a private recipient in Denmark or other countries state the contents and value of the package. Otherwise, the package can be expected to be taken out for inspection and the contents of the package will be valued by the Customs Authority.

Customs Rules for Parcels and Letters Sent from Denmark to Greenland

Tusass does not charge an import tax for customs clearance of packages and letters on arrival in Greenland.

Naalakkersuisut has taxes on the following goods which are imported to Greenland - see PDF.

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