Aasiaat Radio provides a variety of services.

Working Frequencies

Traffic Lists

Aasiaat Radio regularly broadcasts traffic lists on their normal operating frequencies and channels. Traffic lists are an international term that is used where ships do not necessarily expect calls.

Coastal Control

Every vessel of 20 GT and over and fishing vessels traveling between Greenlandic ports and ports of call must submit Coastal Control notifications.

The system works in practice by notifying Aasiaat Radio on departure of:

If the voyage lasts over a day, the ship reports at least once a day with its position. When you arrive at the planned arrival point, report this to Aasiaat Radio.

In the absence of an agreed notification, the rescue authorities will be notified.

Everyone is free to sign up for Coastal Control.

Storm, Gale and Warnings of Ice Accretion

Aasiaat Radio regularly broadcasts storm, gale, and warnings of ice accretion, which are received from DMI.

The warnings are sent out as fixed broadcasts at the times 0605, 1005, 1505 and 2005 local West Greenland time both summer and winter. The timed broadcasts will be announced in advance with speech on 2182 kHz and channel 16 shortly after the silence period. The warnings are read out on the work channel.

Warnings received for transmission beyond the above times are transmitted on operating frequencies and channels after prior announcement on MF DSC (2187.5 kHz), emergency traffic channel 2182 kHz and VHF channel 16. These warnings are repeated at the end of the silence period that occurs at least half an hour after.

Storm, gale and warnings of ice accretion is also broadcast on NAVTEX.

Weather Forecast

You can obtain weather forecasts for the waters as well as a three-day forecast for Nunap Isua via KNR Radio.

A water map for Greenland, which shows the division into water sections, can be seen here:

Weather forecasts for the cities can be found on DMI Byvejr.

Ice Conditions

Aasiaat Radio regularly receives updated ice maps and messages about ice boundaries from the Ice Center in Narsarssuaq. Information about ice is free of charge.

Messages about ice are also sent out via NAVTEX.

Navigation Warnings

Messages which have an impact on the safety of the sea and which cannot be published with sufficient notice in the 'Notices to seafarers' are broadcast as navigational warnings over Aasiaat radio.

Aasiaat radio broadcasts navigational warnings at first in immediate continuation of the silence period after receipt, following prior announcement on MF DSC, the emergency traffic channels 2182 kHz and VHF channel 16. It is then broadcast in connection with the traffic lists.

Navigational warnings are also transmitted via Navtex.


If illness suddenly occurs on board or crew members are seriously injured, contact with a doctor can be established.

Ships will, as far as possible, be put in touch with a doctor in the city which the ship expects to call at first.

Information for Ships

Ships arriving in or sailing in Greenlandic waters should inform themselves about the rules by clicking here.

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