Radio Calls

How to Order a Ship Radio Call

You order a radio call on Aasiaat Radio's service number 130.

The radio operators will be helpful in ordering the call.

The procedure for radio calls is:

Answer a Ship Radio Call

Orders from land are always called on a VHF channel in the area where Aasiaat Radio last had contact with the ship. The call is then transferred to the traffic list.

If the ship is out of VHF range, the ship will be called at the next traffic list. At traffic lists the total number of transmitters are used.

When sailing, ships should, as far as possible, listen to the frequencies and channels of a coastal radio station. When the ship hears its name on a traffic list, it must respond as soon as possible.

Note that Aasiaat Radio tries to hold the traffic back up to the times of the traffic list. In this way, as much as possible is done so that the ships can be called.

Aasiaat Radio broadcasts traffic lists on HF, MF and VHF frequencies and channels.


Thank you for your inquiry. You will be contacted by one of our business counselors within 2-3 workdays.


You will be contacted by one of our business counselors.