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About Iridium

With Iridium satellite telephony, you can be reached via satellite telephony, no matter where in the world you are.

This makes Iridium particularly suitable for you who wants to talk on the phone or send e-mails in areas outside the regular mobile coverage in Greenland.

The only prerequisite for Iridium's global coverage is that there is an unobstructed view of the satellite. If you experience a lack of coverage, seek out open terrain and try again.

In addition to global coverage, there are a number of benefits to the Iridium system:

  • It's free to send text messages to other Iridium phones.

  • You can call another Iridium phone for half price.

  • You do not pay roaming charges when you call to and from abroad via Iridium.

  • You do not need to be redirected through an operator to be able to call your final recipient.

Prices for Iridium Subscription


475,00 DKK

Subscription fee per month

325,00 DKK

Change of number

320,00 DKK

Prices for Iridium Traffic

From Iridium to landline

7,00 DKK *)

From Iridium to Iridium

4,00 DKK *)

From Iridium to other satellitnetworks

56,50 DKK *)

From Iridium til Voicemail-box

4,00 DKK *)

From Iridium to mobil

7,00 DKK *)

Datacall from Iridium

7,00 DKK **)

From landline to Iridium

26,75 DKK

From mobil to Iridium

26,75 DKK

Text from Iridium

2,25 DKK *)

Text to Iridium

0,75 DKK

*) Prices are regulated according to the development of the US $ exchange rate, every quarter.

**) Data calls are charged according to connection time, not according to data volume.


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You will be contacted by one of our business counselors.