Tele-Post changes its name to Tusass
We bring the world closer - and us closer to each other.

The company name Tele-Post
is now history

Now the combined telecommunications and postal company will be called Tusass

Tusass is not an unknown name in the history of the company. The name was first introduced 20 years ago as a pre-paid call service. Over the later years, the customers have gotten to know other services with the same name. Tusass mobile, Tusass internet, Tusass Corporate, Tusass abroad and Tusass-for-kids. Now the entire company will go by the name of Tusass.

-          The values in our current Tusass services mean that they are simple, transparent and customer friendly. Now we want to translate that to the entire organization, which is why we choose this new more modern name, says Stine Bosse, Chairman of the Board at Tusass and emphasizes:

-          Today we expect access to all of the worlds’ information, goods, products, services and experiences with a single click. The distance that previously was measured in kilometers is now measured in days, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

Tusass makes this possible: The network that we all take for granted is vital to our lives today. We create presence despite distances.

Kristian Reinert Davidsen, CEO at Tusass adds: ”Tusass is a good Greenlandic word that is easy to say and remember both at home and abroad. It is a name that we all know and that now gets a broader meaning.”

New era and strategy

The new brand marks the beginning of a new era with many exiting plans for Tusass with a focus on Greenland’s digital future.

Tusass has a clear strategy towards 2024 centered on the company working for the entire country and that will allow anyone to be part of the digital developments if they want to.

CEO at Tusass, Kristian Reinert Davidsen, says:

-          Tusass will focus on a stronger network and better customer experiences regarding both communication and logistics. In the future, our approach involving continual product improvements and price reductions will continue.

-          Additionally, sustainability and security will be front and center both regarding investments and in day-to-day operations at Tusass, where we work to bring the world closer to us – and us closer to each other, says Chairman of the Board at Tusass, Stine Bosse in closing.

This is not the first time the company changes name. Tusass is the 20th name that the company has had over its approximately 150-year history. In the near future, the company logo and signs will be replaced.

Tusass film

Watch our film on how Tusass brings the world closer - and us closer to each other.

Historical film

See the story of how we made connections between each other.

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