Why do I have to give out my CPR-number to create a Tusass Plus deal?

We use your CPR-number only to confirm your identity.

How do I quit my Tusass Plus?

You can quit your Tusass Plus subscription by logging in on the Tusass.gl homepage; click on "Subscription" and press the on / off button, which is next to the "Free Speech & SMS".

Your Tusass Plus subscription will end if you cancel before the 20th of the month. You pay for an extra month, if you cancel after the 20th of the month.

How can a business customer purchase Tusass Plus?

You cannot purchase Tusass Plus if you are a business customer. We expect that the Tusass Plus solution for business customers will be ready before june 2017.

Where can I roam with Tusass Plus?

You can roam in the following countries if you have a positive balance in your Tusass account

Czech Republic
Faroe Islands
South Afrika

We continiuosly expand the list of countries where you can roam.

When can I make changes for my mobile plan?

You can upgrade from Tusass to Tusass Plus or upgrade your data any time you want.

You must downgrade from Tusass Plus to Tusass or downgrade your data by the 20th of the month, if you want your changes to be effective in the following month.

What happens to my current mobile plan if I switch to Tusass Plus?

You will pay for your current mobile plan and extra usage in the month where you switch to Tusass Plus. However, you will get the full package for Tusass Plus for 0 DKK in the month where you switch. The first payment for your new Tusass Plus plan will occur in the following month.

What is Tusass Plus saldo?

Tusass Plus saldo shows the balance on your account. Your account must have a positive balance if you want to call or send a text to premium-rate phone numbers and foreign phone numbers. 

What can I do if I forgot my login code to Tusass?

Your mobile device is always logged into www.tusass.gl.. If you've lost your mobilephone, use your e-mail address to login into www.tusass.gl

I do not have a credit card, what are my options?

In order to buy a Tusass Plus plan, you MUST have a credit card.