Is it possible to have an answering maschine on Tusass Plus?

Unfortunately it is not possible to have answering machine on Tusass Plus.

What is a mobile plan?

Mobile plan is a continuous subscription service.

Why do I have to give out my CPR-number to create a Tusass Plus deal?

We use your CPR-number only to confirm your identity and i.e. for debt recovery.

How do I quit my Tusass Plus?

You can quit your Tusass Plus subscription by logging in on the homepage; click on "Subscription" and press the on / off button, which is next to the "Free Speech & SMS".

Your Tusass Plus subscription can be terminated if you make a cancellation before the end of the 20th of the month. If you cancel after the 20th of the month, you'll pay for an extra month.

How can a business customer purchase Tusass Plus?

You cannot purchase Tusass Plus if you are a business customer. We expect to come with a solution for business customers will be ready during 2017.

When can I make changes for my mobile plan?

You can upgrade to Tusass Plus or upgrade your data any time you want.

You must downgrade from Tusass Plus to Tusass or downgrade your data by the 20th of the month, if you want your changes to be effective in the following month.

Failure to pay Tusass Plus

We have unsuccesfully tried to withdraw the monthly amount for your Tusass Plus. The lack of payment may be caused by following reasons:

- You have a new credit card - Update your credit card information

- Your credit card is blocked - contact your bank

- There is no cover on your credit card


You can also pay your subscription, if there are sufficient funds in your Tusass account. You can top up your Tusass account on this website or by purchasing vouchers from your dealer.


These are the consequences if you do not pay your subscription:

- You cannot call, send messages or use the data until you have paid for your Tusass Plus subscription, even if you have money on your Tusass account.

- You can receive calls and messages. You can also make calls to emergency numbers and toll free numbers.

- Changing your subscription to a smaller Tusass Plus package or Tusass cannot happen immediately. Changing the subscription shall be subject to applicable terms - check the help section for further details.

- You still have to pay full price for your subscription, if you pay later in the month.

- You receive a message when you have paid, and you can use your Tusass Plus again.

What happens if I can’t make a payment for Tusass Plus?

You won’t be able to make calls, send texts or use mobile data if you don’t pay for your Tusass Plus, even if you have positve balance on your Tusass account. Your calls would be restricted to emergency calls and zero-rated calls such as the hospital and customer care services. You can, however, access this website anytime to change your mobile plan, make a payment or change your credit card information. 

Changing your mobile plan to a smaller Tusass Plus package or Tusass cannot happen immediately. Changing the mobile plan shall be subject to applicable terms.